Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ding Dong the Bells are gunna CHIME!

Well..... I am not getting married in the morning, rather on May 13th :)

I am so excited!!!!!!!!!

So Jay asked me to marry him on 1-11-11. He trully did suprise me! I knew it was coming but I didn't think it would be until later that week. So on the night of the 11th we went to dinner at the Magelby's the Grotto. DELICIOUS. That place is more than a resuraunt it is a total experience! The Ambiance is amazing the food was delightful, and the waiter treated us like royalty! WOW it was so awesome. It seemed like we were in a completely differenet world, (until the waiter broke character and said to Jay "How is that steak Dude," it was hilarious)!  AnyWho after dinner we went for a drive up the canyon, and guess where we ended up stopping.... The Golf Course!

After a few minutes of driving around Jay found a place to park and said we should get out of the car, I said "OK" (it was ten degree's outside, but I had a sneaking suspicion that good things would come if I got out of the car!) so I got out and we started looking at the view...... Jay asked me how long we had been dating and started to say some romantic things to me, when I realized my hands were getting cold so I went to put my hands in Jay's Jacket pockets..........

He leaped back and threw his hands in the air and said "Why you gotta put your hands in my pockets??"  I was kind of confused because he always lets me put my hands in his pockets, and I said "My hands were cold" He then said "Well" and stuck his hands in his pockets and pulled out a box, and then another box and got down on one knee...............      It felt like he knelt there for awhile and then I said  "Is there something you wanted to ask me" He said "Yeah. Emily will you Marry Me"

The rest as they say is history!

Monday, November 1, 2010


So last Saturday Jay Matthew and I ventured up to Logan to watch a Utah State Football game. It was pretty dang fun I must say! It started raining 5 minutes into the game and never really stopped needless to say...... we were soaked! Jay and I even had a sleeping bad we were sitting on and had wrapped around us, which was nice until the water started seeping through! We drank some hot chocolate which warmed us up a little bit, but it was so cold, and we were literally soaked! After the game we went to Walmart so I could buy some sweat pants to ride home in, I refused to stay in my wet clothes! We then went to eat at The Beehive Grill, whose home brewed rootbeer i must say was lacking, my dad can make it better. None the less it was alot of fun! And their Buffalo Chicken Wings are DEVINE!!!!!!

More fun @ Nickle City

We just love nickle city it is true, the last time we went Jay and I kept winning big! We collected 1241 tickets..... WHAT?!?!?!

We both hit the Jack-pot on the wheel of fortune game, and most of the price is right games, little did I know there actually is a point to some of those nickle sucking games!

We had just enough tickets to get 2 new friends....... 

Please meet Penny and Daryl 

Aren't they cute!!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My best kept secret...

I have never in my life been good at keeping secrets, but for the past few months I have surprised myself! You see the rules are a little different when you are dating someone you work with, and for a whole month no one even knew we were seeing eachother on the side, and it took a couple more months before the VP spotted us out on the town together. But now that the cat is out of the bag, I feel free to BLOG about the goings on! So here it is folks..... The long awaited posts you didn't even know you were waiting for!!!!!

Bidding Summer A'due

This summer has been really wonderful! I went on a sister's trip to AZ, my best friends and I went to the fantabulous BSB concert, and I spent more time at the golf-course then I ever have and probably ever will again(and no I did not take up golfing, I was flirting with the water-boy).

Last week was Jam packed with fun activities we ate at...... Panda, 5 guys, Cafe Rio, and Chillies, we had desserts at.......................SubZero and  the Snow Cone Place by Reams..........

We went swimming at the Branbury.... and moved Jay out. I will miss that apartment with all it's red lights and black mold in shower. We had alot of great memories there!!!

Wednesday night we went to NICKLE CITY, WOW so much fun!!!!! I always find myself wasting handfulls of coins just dropping them in and hoping to have the coin that pushes the others over the edge.... I love that game and that is exactly why I could never go to Vegas!!! We also played a few rounds of "Deal or No Deal" and I just have to let it be know that I had a chance at 108 tickets, but said NO DEAL, I guess I just got a little greedy and in the end I only got 16 tickets. We did make it out of there with quite the loot.................

Meet Kevin (it's a girl), and Jay's Whistle
Friday we went Camping..... man I haven't done that in awhile!
we had a fire, at some hot dogs and S'mores (my fav, with reese's peanut butter cups)
just the usual camping activities:) It was pretty fun!

We finished the week with THE DEMOLITION DERBY!!!!!
It of course was Jay's first time, probably his first time inside a Rodeo Arena, I invited Dan and Lyss too and I think everyone loved it!
Nothing like crunchin some metal!

Landon must have been lovin it, he couldn't even say cheese for the picture!



First of all I have to say, It was an AMAZING movie! I loved it, and I will buy the Blu-Ray DVD Digital Copy combo when it comes out! So we went the evening of the Friday it came out, we waited in line for a bit before we went in to get our seats.
As we are sitting there this girl comes up and says "Are you guys waiting in-line for Inception, this is Crazy, I have never done this before you people are crazy! I can't believe I am doing this" Jay's friend Matt then said "We don't want your here" and I said "put a cork in it!" Unfortunatley neither one of us spoke loud enough for her to hear or things might have gotten interesting..... HAHA. (Jay did say he would have had to let her get one hit in (because I would have deserved it) and then he would defend me! unbelievable.... haha)

A Secret Post

May 15th 2010 : That is when it all started you see. It began when he picked me up to go see Robin Hood. We were going to a Matinee and I couldn't help but wonder if that was so he could go to the movie with me and then still have his evening open. (Since we were just going as 'friends'...... ya know) Anywho he picked me up at my sisters house and off we went. After the movie he suggested that we go get some ice cream, (I am ALWAYS game for some ice cream) So we got our ice cream and he suggested that we go play some Guitar Hero at his apartment. Where he smacked me in the face with a guitar, completely accidental I just wanted to throw that tid-bit in there. So we played some songs and then he had to go see if he had to work, so I drove with him (up the Canyon to the Golf-Course) to find he had the night off, so we continued the evening making S'mores. After the Smo's we drove up the Canyon a little ways to this old abandoned house.  Let me just say that the stars up there were indescribable, I loved it so much! While we were there he put his arm around me, but I still wouldn't have guess the night would end as it did. As we drove down the canyon he told me I could sit in the middle by him (we were in a truck) so I slid over, and  he put his arm around me. We talked about the day and I asked him if I needed to pay him back for the ticket, and he said no. niether one of us was sure if it was a date or not til that moment. We pulled up to my sister's and I decided to give him a hug and hop out, but he tried to kiss me! I sorta gave him the shaft, at first.................... :)